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Where we live (updated 27 January, 2008): house.jpg (71448 bytes)
and in order of importance:
The dog Oscar (as in Wilde) or alternatively   Dogbreath (alas no more after autumn 2004)

The cat NUFC (Newcastle United Football Club) (alas no more after autumn 2006)
Kiss the fish (alas no more after summer 2002) fish.jpg (15539 bytes)
Alli cat (Winter 2004/5): Alas no more as well ALLEY2.JPG (94781 bytes)
Jem (aka Homer or Stinkerbelle 1) and Reina (Spanish for queen, aka Stinkerbelle 2)
Aaron (Movie fanatic): aaron1.jpg (24401 bytes)
Joel Bart.gif (3807 bytes)    fatherted.gif (8384 bytes)    dougal.gif (8287 bytes)   Jack.gif (57290 bytes) Joel1.jpg (36378 bytes)
bobby.jpg (211346 bytes)
and this is Grandpa Jones in Newcastle August 2001. garnet.jpg (62490 bytes)
Granda: pop.jpg (41445 bytes)
Grace: grace.jpg (44575 bytes)
This is Noreen, a modest little being, so a modest little picture too.    But.....ALL THE GREATER FOR ALL THAT! noreen.jpg (14909 bytes)
This Is Joel's Cousin, George george1.jpg (31910 bytes)
Last but not least? sjk.jpg (22283 bytes)
George, Aaron and Joel with their granda in December, 2002 Family_Dec_2002.jpg (107577 bytes)
We visited Amsterdam for a few days in December, 2002 holland1.jpg (169670 bytes)
We went to Greenwich, London on June 28th, 2003 marble_3.jpg (198673 bytes)
We went to the Marble Arch caves in August, 2003 marble_3.jpg (198673 bytes)
We went to New York in July, 2005 liberty1.jpg (1310526 bytes)
Joel starred in Mexican Joe at the BallyEarl theatre Jan 2006 Mex_joe2.jpg (102154 bytes)
We went to France in July, 2006
Joel also starred in A Time Ago in Old Belfast in the Baby Grand Opera House on June 4, 2007
We went to London on 15 February 2008
Joel also starred in The White Wedding at the Culturlann Theatre on 22 February 2008
Joel starred in  Love is a Many Splintered Thing, at the Culturlann Theatre on November 20 — 22, 2008
We went to Québec in July, 2008

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