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 1 June 2015  Spirit House. A Play at the Culturlann Theatre, Belfast on 21 May 2015.
 10 December 2014  We Drove from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California August through September 2014.
 27 July 2014  Went to Ottawa April 2014
 9 July 2014  Joel graduates with a MSi in Physics with Extended European Studies
1 July 2014  Went to Henry VIII's royal Palace at Hampton Court
19 May, 2013  Belfast City Marathon 9 mile walk 2013
28 March 2013  Cancer Focus run story:  Daily Mirror 13, March 2013
December 2010  Coldest December in 120 years. See also BBC NI
21 February 2009  We also went to Krakow July 2008
11 January 2009  We went to Québec July 2008

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Peacock Butterfly Bumblebee Ladybird Red Soldier Beetle Mallard Duck N. American Robin European Robin Moorhen Blackbird Chipmunk N. American Squirrel Irish Hare
Pied Wagtail Mistlethrush Bohemian Waxwing Northern Cardinal BlueJay Black Capped Chickadee Small Tortoiseshell  Large White  Wall  Painted Turtle  Pileated Woodpecker  Mute Swan
Orange-tipped Brown Anole Lizard American White Ibis  American Anhinga Muscovy Duck Reed Bunting American Coot Great Crested Grebe Shelduck Red-Winged Blackbird American alligator Great Egret
 (White Heron)
Banana spider Common rat Juvenile Cormorant Speckled Wood Butterfly                


Dandelion Blue Periwinkle Common gorse Ragwort Wild Blackberry Rattle Handkerchief Tree Scarlet Pimpernel Geranium Molle Thyme-Leaved Speedwell  Spartan apple  Horse Chestnut  Hawthorne


 Cow Parsley  Red Clover
 Cuckoo flower                              

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Jordanstown, 27 May 2013

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