2001form1stevenson.jpg (77581 bytes) Stop press: Click thumbnail to see my Form1 picture at my new school; I am in Stevenson house, hence Form 1S. August, 2002
joel2.jpg (16544 bytes) What did we all do before Gameboy?
Harry_joel.jpg (34913 bytes) Joel as Harry Potter in the Whiteabbey Primary school play 2000
Aaron and Joel 4.jpg (61018 bytes) Joel and Aaron in the snow, Jordanstown, December 2000
oliver2.jpg (55196 bytes) oliver1.jpg (56689 bytes) Joel in his Man In Pub costume in Whiteabbey Primary School's production of Oliver, 2001
museum1.jpg (37947 bytes) museum2.jpg (53973 bytes)

Transport Museum, Cultra, 2001

Joel leaving Primary.jpg (179411 bytes)
Joel and his Whiteabbey Primary leaving cup and trophy for perseverance and signed tee shirt, June 2002
Joel_and_friends.jpg (736286 bytes) Left to right: Christopher, Graeme and Joel June 2003