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We spent a day in London and Greenwich, Map_of_Greenwich.jpg (24014 bytes) enroute to Canada June 28th, 2003.
Greenwich defines both time and place for the whole world.  All time is measured relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and all places have a latitude (their distance North or South of the Equator) and a longitude (their distance East or West of the Greenwich Meridian)

Cutty Sark On the afternoon of Monday, 22nd November, 1869, a beautiful little clipper ship of 963 tons was launched from Scott and Linton's shipyard at Dumbarton, on the Clyde. She bore a name that was to become famous throughout the world and was destined to win a place in the hearts of British seamen second only to Nelson's immortal Victory herself. Her name was the Cutty Sark.

National Maritime museum NMMuseum.jpg (22810 bytes) is where the Harrison timekeepers are located and the Observatory at the Greenwich time meridian.

Updated Saturday, October 18, 2003