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Episode Guide

Series 1


Good Luck Father Ted

Ted has been chosen to appear in the program "Faith of our Fathers" however his dreams could be about to be wreaked by one funfair.

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Entertaining Father Stone

Much to the dismay of Ted and Dougal, the annual visit from Father Paul Stone, the most boring priest in the world, has approached. After three weeks Ted becomes so desperate that he prays, but has his pray been answered?


Episode References

John and Mary, the fighting couple, were last seen in "Good Luck Father Ted".


The Passion of St. Tibulas


On orders from the pope, a film (The Passion of St. Tibulas) has been banned. Yet somehow it has managed to end up being shown on Craggy Island. It is now up to the three priests to stop it at all costs.


Episode references

John and Mary were last seen in "Entertaining Father Stone"


Competition Time


It's time for the annual "Stars in their eyes, Priests lookalike competition" and Ted has made a bet with his arch enemy Father Dick Byrne that he will win. There's only one problem. Ted, Dougal and Jack are all dressed as Elvis.


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And God Created Women


Ted's favourite author is staying on the island. But Ted finds himself attracted to her, but dose she feel the same?


Episode References

Tom was last seen in "Good Luck Father Ted"


Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest


Jacks really done it this time. He has drank a whole bottle of floor polish, and managed to kill himself, but will his death be all bad?


Episode References

Ted last imagined dancing with women in "Entertaining Father Stone"


Series 2 part 1


Guest: Graham Nortan as Father Noel Furlong

Its time for the annual holiday to a caravan park in which the caravan is only just big enough for them, there are only two things to do.


Episode References

Tom was last seen in "And God Created Women"


Think Fast, Father Ted


The roof needs fixed, but Ted doesn't have the money. In order to raise the money Ted asks Bishop Brennan for a raffle. The Bishop gives them a car but Ted damages it. There is now only one way out, Cheat.


Episode References

Father Purcell is referred to as the most boring priest yet so is Ft. Stone in "Entertaining Father Stone"


Tentacles of Doom


The Holy Stone of Clonrichert is being upgraded to a class 2 relic, so three bishops are coming to the the Island. So how come only one leaves the Island still as a bishop?


Episode References

Father Jack struggles to say words apart from drink, feak,arse and girls, yet he is able to say other things in "Good Luck Father Ted", "Competition Time", "Hell" and "Think Fast, Father Ted"

The Holy Stone of Clonrichert was last mentioned in "Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest"

Father Larry Duff was last seen in "Hell"


Old Grey Whistle Thief


Dougal has made a friend out an outlaw priest. But at the same time a whistle is stolen leaving the whole Island in suspicion.


Episode References

Father Larry Duff was last seen in "Tentacles of Doom"


A Song for Europe


Father Dick Byrne challenges Ted for the "Song for Ireland" competition, but can a lovely horse help them win?


Episode References

Father Dick Byrne and Father Ceril McDuff were last seen in "Competition Time"


Series 2 Part 2

The Plague


Bishop Brennan is sick of hearing of Jacks nude sleep walking, and so has to visit the Island. But when he rings Ted accidentally says feak to him. Before he arrives, Ted tells Dougal to hide his pet rabbit, because the Bishop is afraid of them, but has God sent down a plague.


Episode References

Father Larry Duff was last seen in "Old Grey Whistle Thief"

Tom was last seen in "Hell"

Bishop Brennan was last seen in "The Passion of St. Tibulas"


Rock A Hola Ted


Ted has been chosen to judge "The Lovely Girls" competition. However it is at the same time that a very sexist singer is preparing to move to the Island.


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Cigarettes, Alcohol and Rollerblading


Father Dick Byrne tricks Ted into taking part in a "giving things up" competition just in time for Lent. So he gives up cigarettes, Dougal gives up rollerblading and Jack, reluctantly, gives up alcohol.


Episode References

Father Dick Byrne was last seen in "A Song for Europe"

Sister Assumpta was last seen in "And God Created Women"

Father Jack last "went for his walk" in "Competition Time"


New Jack City


After getting hairy hand syndrome, Jack is sent to St. Clabberts. But could his replacement be even worse?


Episode References

Dougal uses his "I saw the Holy Stone of Clonrichert" comb which was last seen in "Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest" though the stone was last seen in "Tentacles of Doom"


Flight into Terror

Guest: Graham Nortan as Father Noel Furlong 


On a plane journey, Dougal accidentally releases a lot of the planes fuel. But even worse, there are only two parachutes on board.


Episode References

Both Father Noel and Father Faye (the monkey priest) make their second appearance. Father Noel's was in "Hell" and Father Faye's was in "Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest".


Series 3

Are You Right There Father Ted


While cleaning the house, Ted manages to offend some Chinese people outside and is labeled a racist.


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Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep


It's time for the annual "King of the Sheep" competition. Ted is so confident that "Chris" the sheep will win that he bets the entire heating money on it, but after Chris hears "The Beast" becomes so scared that he starts burping.


Episode References

John and Mary were last seen in "Old Gray Whistle Thief"


Speed 3


After replacing the old milk man, Dougal begins a part time job. However Pat Mustard, the old milkman, left a very special bomb on the milk-float.


Episode References



The Mainland

Guest: Graham Nortan as Father Noel Furlong

Richard Wilson as Himself


Much to Ted's annoyance, he has to visit the mainland to collect his winning bet money. While there he meets Victor Meldrew.


Episode References

Father Noel Furlong was last seen in "Flight into Terror"

The youth group was last seen in "Hell"


Escape From Victory


It's time for the annual priests over 75 football match, and Ted is convinced that Father Dick Byrne is trying to find out his tactics. But his teams suffers blows when Jack falls asleep and Father Nick dies. If Ted loses the match he has to do a forfeit, as set by Dick. Can he get out of this impossible situation?


Episode References

Father Dick Byrne and Father Ceril McDuff were last seen in "Cigarettes, Alcohol and Rollerblading"


Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse


Ted loses the football, and so has to do the forfeit. The forfeit is going to be very difficult and dangerous. He has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse and get Dougal to take a picture.


Episode References

Bishop Brennan was last seen in "The Plague"


Night of the Nearly Dead


Mrs. Doyle wins a poetry competition on "The Eoin McLove Show" and so as a result Eoin has to come and have tea with her. But when he tries to leave he finds that there might be a problem there.


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Going to America


After seeing him stop a suicide, Father Buzz Cagney decides to offer Ted a job in America. There's only one problem, Dougal, Jack and Mrs. Doyle can't go.


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Christmas Special

A Chrismassy Ted


After saving himself, Dougal and six other priests from an embarrassing situation, Ted is offered a Golden Cleric. Yet for some reason he's not as happy as he thought he would be.


Episode References

Mrs. Doyle last fell from the window wedge in "Cigarettes, Alcohol and Rollerblading" 



This page is dedicated to the late Dermot Morgan (Father Ted)