Think you know more about movies then me and Aaron put togeter. Then there's

                      only one way to find out. Answer the ten questions below and e-mail me the answers

                       Good luck!

                     1.   How much smaller is mini-me than Dr.Evil?

                           1/5  1/2 or 1/8

                      2.   What's James Bonds boss called?

                       M   S  or K

                       3.   What kind of animal is Shrek's companion?

                        Skunk  Donkey  or Moose

                        4. What is Joe Pesic called in Home Alone?

                         Harry  Baldly or fatty

                         5. What is the name of the Brodeys dog in cats and dogs?

                         Butch   Sam or Lou

                        6. What is Jackie Chan's name in rush hour?

                        Steve  Lee or  Pee

                         7. Who was the first baddy in Batman?

                          Ridler   Two-face  or Joker

                          8. who was the baddy in tomorrow never dies?

                         Elliot Carver   Renard  Max Zorin

                          9. Were did Stanly find the mask?

                         a river  in a fire or in his cupbored .

                        10. In the film Die Hard with a Vengence, was the villian out to avenge the death of                                  his Mother,  Son or  Brother?


Joel's spy quiz

Think you know your "The name is Bond... James Bond" 's from your "Oh behave" 's. This quiz will decide that. E-mail answers to

  1. Who played James Bond six times? Sean Connary, Roger Moore or Mike Myres.

  2. Which film does Miss Tiffany Case appear? Die another day, Live and let die or Diamonds are forever.

  3. Which villen can't feel pain? Dr. Evil, Fat Basterd or Renard

  4. In which film does Bond run accross crocidles? Goldfinger, Live and let die or Lience to kill.

  5. Who suppiles Bond with gadets? M, Q or Moneypenny.

  6. In Goldmember Austin finds out he has a brother, who is he? Dr.Evil, Fat Basterd or No.2

  7. Which award did both Austin and his father win? An oscar for best supporting actor, international man of mystary or a grammy for best song.

  8. As a young boy what was throwen at Dr.Evil's head? A cupcake, a shoe or a hat.

  9. What year was Austin frozen? 1979, 1969 or 1897.

  10. Who played "mini-me" in "Austinpussy"? Danny Devito, Roger Moore or John Wayne.




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Monday April 05, 2010