"A Man of Few Words", a production by the Blackbird theatre group at the Culturlann Theatre on May 14, 2010

Set in Northern Ireland, in 1960; we enter the world of writer, Felix Hamilton Flannagan, who has written a new play `Love is the Enemy'.  Felix is holding auditions at the Desdemona guest house in Ballymuck, run by his friend from the far past, Nora McKay.  There is a frenzy around the small town as hundreds of wan bee actors are due to turn up for the event,  However; one person turns up who is not impressed with either Felix or his play.

Will this lead to complications.... Will the play go ahead...will love be the enemy....will disaster strike....or will....as they say...."The show must go on"?




Lazy Billy the Butler (Joel Katzen) is being hassled by the neurotic Nora McKay (Maura O'Reilly), the owner of the Desmonda, pending the imminent arrival of Felix Flanagan, to get the place in order.


(left) Together with Betty the maid, (Fiona O'Neill) it doesn't look like the dust will be looking for a new residence anytime soon! (right) Felix (Niall MacLochlain) has arrived and Maura quickly picks up the threads.


But Billy harbours an ambition to act and re-appears thinly disguised, together with a mysterious visitor Sarah Johnston (Claire Palmer), Vera Buttersworth (Orla Keenan) and Mimi Flynn) for the audition. The hordes of other punters having been fed the wrong information have vanished! and of course Nora McKay wants a part in all of this.

   It Turns out that Sarah Johnston is a tax inspector after Felix's back taxes and after a kafuffle, Flex feigns a heart attack with the connivance of Nora, and all ends happy forever after.  In the bowing (right) out we have from left to right: Betty the maid (Fiona O'Neill), Sara Johnston the tax inspector (Claire Palmer), Billy the butler (Joel Katzen), Veronica O'Hara the personal assistant for Felix (Aisling Kerr), Vera Buttersworth and Mini Flynn the aspiring actresses (Orla Keenan & Paula Kenna), Nora McKay (Maura O'Reilly) and Felix Flannagan (Niall MacLochlain).  

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