Bohemian waxwing.  Mostly pink-beige with a characteristic crest. They have a black mask and bib. The tail is tipped with yellow and there are yellow and white markings on the wings; specifically, yellow along the length of the primaries and white at the base of the primary coverts. The secondary wing feathers have red waxy "fingers". The rump is grey and the vent is red. The legs and bill are black.  These birds occasionally migrate to Uk and Ireland in the winter; irruptions (sudden invasions of large numbers) occur when rowan berry crops have failed in the north European forests/Siberia with birds arriving October–March and often staying until April or May.  The winter of 2008/9 was especially severe in Europe/Russia and this lead to considerable numbers migrating to feed on berries.

This picture was taken on a dull 21 February 2009 in Jordanstown feeding on crab apples.



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