Common garden wasps (known as yellow jackets) are useful about the garden in the spring and early summer, but by August they are getting into fruit (plums, raspberries etc) and anything sweet at your barbeque!

Here is a low cost way of trapping them.

Take a jam jar or similar and with a nail puncture the lid.  Hole shouldn't be more than 5mm (1/6"). Too big and they can get out again and too small they can't get in at all!

Quarter fill the jar with water (option with a teaspoon of sugar dissolved) and smear some cheap jam (jelly) inside the lid and on the top inside of the jar.  Close the lid and leave somewhere in the sun so that the aroma can drift.  Use several about the garden.

After a few days dispose of the bodies in the garden and repeat.


Happy hunting.

Wednesday April 23, 2014