Vinca major (with common names Large Periwinkle, Greater Periwinkle, and Blue Periwinkle)  is an evergreen trailing vine, spreading along the ground and rooting along the stems to form dense masses of groundcover individually 2-5 m across and scrambling up to 50-70 cm high. The leaves are opposite, 3-9 cm long and 2-6 cm broad, glossy dark green with a leathery texture and an entire but distinctly hairy margin, and a hairy petiole 1-2 cm long. The flowers are produced from early spring to autumn, violet-purple, 3-5 cm diameter, with a five-lobed corolla.  Details from Wikipedia Photograph taken on May 6, 2010 in Oxford Island  Lough Neagh, County Armagh, N. Ireland.

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Last updated Saturday June 21, 2014