American White Ibis taken in Margate, near Fort Lauderdale on the east coast of Florida in March 2011.  These photographs were taken at the side of a canal.

The White Ibis is a wader. It can be seen along the shore, up to its knees in water, sweeping its head from side-to-side in search of food. Its long, curved bill is handy for probing the mud while searching for crabs and crayfish. This efficient hunter rarely takes time to savour his meal. He swallows his prey whole and keeps on hunting.  This pretty white shore bird can be seen foraging along the Southern Eastern Seaboard of USA, from the Carolinas to Texas. Their numbers are dropping and are currently listed as protected. The biggest problem is the loss of habitat. Information taken from  See also Wikipedia.

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Last updated Friday, 25 April 2014