Male Orange-tipped  butterfly taken in a warm sunny (about 14°C) day in Jordanstown.  "The Orange-tip is a distinctive spring butterfly.  It is a medium sized butterfly which is often seen in gardens and along hedgerows and roadside verges especially in areas where water occurs. It is fairly Common throughout England Wales and Scotland but is absent from the far north of the British Isles"; from  www.britishbutterflies.

Caterpillars use the Cuckooflower (or Lady's Smock) as a primary source of food.  The lower two pictures show this plant and details are available from the Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland web site which states "These pretty pinky-purple and white flowers are often found in Northern Ireland’s shady bogs, stream margins, ditches and pastures where they often form a carpet of blossoms."  In this case it was growing in my lawn!

Last updated Sunday, 22 June 2014

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