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S.J. Katzen is a retired Senior Lecturer at Ulster University

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bullet Module EEE305J1: Microcontroller Systems (11/12/2008).
bullet Module EEE111J2: Digital Systems and Microprocessors (19/02/2009).
bullet Module EEE516J4: Honours Project (15/07/2016).
bullet Quintessential PIC Microcontroller: Resource web site (22/09/2012).
bullet The Essential PIC18 Microcontroller: Resource web site (22/09/2012).
bullet Essence of Microprocessor Engineering: Resource web site.
bullet Useful Electronic engineering network links and resources for your project (08/09/2008).
bullet PIC Microcontroller resources (11/12/2008).
bullet Intelligent book list  in the areas of Electronics and Computer-Related topics.
bullet Graph paper of all kinds for your project or create your own (15/11/2007).
bullet Richard Feynman to the 1955 meeting of the National Academy of Sciences entitled "The Value of Science".
bullet Go Placidly Amidst the Noise and Haste (more details from Toronto Globe and Mail, July 22, 2004).
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