EEE305/320 Microcontroller Systems

bullet If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download here
bullet pdf.jpg (506 bytes) Module handbook for 2008
bullet pdf.jpg (506 bytes) PIC MCU Mid-range family instruction set (and register map for the PIC16F84)
bullet Reading list

quintessential.jpg (5441 bytes)

The web site for the module text, The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller, second edition
bullet pdf.jpg (506 bytes) Eejit's Guide to the PIC
bullet Eejit's Guide to the PIC CCS C language
bullet  CCS C reference card
bullet Topic revision notes for the PIC
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Examination papers and related material (15/06/09)
bullet Introduction to MPLAB7, PowerPoint slide show or pdf.gif (169 bytes)
bullet Week by week revision notes, slide show (Microsoft .pps) or (file > 6MByte) pdf.gif (169 bytes) (13/11/08)
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Week by week diagrams and tables; including EEE320 (23/03/09)
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Week by week annotated programs (24/03/09)
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Revision notes on Asynchronous Serial communication PowerPoint slide show or pdf.gif (169 bytes)
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Mr McCrum's notes on asynchronous serial data protocols. and aspects of RS232, 422 and 485.
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Mr McCrum's notes on analogue - digital conversion.
bullet C revision notes for Week 5
bullet Miniproject database (23/03/09)
bullet Demo of the CCS PIC compiler version 3.  Limited size, full software except only compiles for the 14 bit PIC16F877, PIC16C544 and 16 bit PIC18F458 target devices. For more details follow this link.
bullet Version 3 manual of the C PIC Compiler (September 2003).
bullet The Millenium board and web site for Bluebird elecronics.
bullet pdf.jpg (506 bytes) Tutorial 1: Basic Software Principles
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Class test coursework specification for Monday October 27, 2008
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Mock class test EEE305 October 2008  
bullet Gif simplified architecture of the PIC16F84, also in pdf format
bullet Gif simplified architecture of the PIC16F87X, also in pdf format
bullet pdf.jpg (506 bytes) Register map for the PIC16F87X
bullet PIC16F84A data sheet
bullet PIC16F87X data sheet
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) Year1 taster -module course in PICs
bullet PIC resource page.
bullet Microchip is now on YouTube
bullet Gif ASCII table or pdf format.
bullet pdf.gif (169 bytes) History of Computers 1, 2 and 3; computers timeline
bullet Great MPUs of the Past & Present
bullet Interview with Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel

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