Author's Manual for the Essence of Microprocessor Engineering

Printing history

The Essence of Microprocessor Engineering by S.J. Katzen ISBN 0-13-244708-8 was published in February 1998 by Prentice Hall Europe; a division of Pearson Education and Prentice Hall USA . There is 283 pages of text plus front matter, and the price is $19.95. It is part of the Prentice Hall Essence of Engineering series. You can look at the Table of Contents and Preface here.

The text was typeset by the author using LaTeX2e in its Y&Y incarnation. The resulting postscript file with embedded diagrams sourced from Autocad R12 in eps format. The fonts are 10/12 Lucida Bright. Printing was via a Lexmark Optra R printer at 1200dpi.

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